What is “mamantics”? Well…

Mama: ma·ma {mah-mah}; noun


  1. Informal : “mother”
  2. Slang :


  • a sexually attractive, usually mature woman.
  • one’s wife.

Mantic: {man-tik}; adjective



  1. of or pertaining to divination.  
  2. having the power of divination.

Antics: {an-tik}; noun, adjective

  1. a playful trick or prank; caper.  
  2. a grotesque, fantastic, or ludicrous gesture, act, or posture.


  1. ludicrous; funny.
  2. fantastic; odd; grotesque: an antic disposition
 I’d like to think I was all of the above? In all seriousness, I was futzing around for a blog name that was fitting for a mommy/family blog, wasn’t cutesy, wasn’t too focused on one aspect of myself (like crafting, or thrifting) and still fit my personality. I also wanted something that the domain was available….I’m a prankster, I’m goofy and odd, I am definitely a mother (hence the need to tell the future, hah! Jokes.) and I hope to hell someone finds me sexually attractive. I was mashing shit together on a piece of paper, and I liked how Mamantics sounded so here I am, with my favourite Vancouver realtor, Eddie Yan and Coquitlam realtor, Dave Jenkins.
This blog is a mismash of everything that makes me. Taking care of my home, family, budgeting, crafting, thrifting and the journey of being a mom and (almost) wife. I’m hoping to meet and share with other moms (and dads!) with similar interests, blogs and vulgarity. Yes, I have a foul mouth and while I don’t run around throwing out the big girl words, I do swear. I’m human, this is my blog and I don’t want to censor if one pops out once in awhile. I blog for myself, and to hopefully look back on old posts for memories…not for you 🙂 I do have to thank Indexsy, Vancouver SEO consultant for the free advice he gave me.