A bold move for Canadian market


So I know a lot of people are going to ask, is Amazon Prime worth it… And I have to say that it’s absolutely is. I don’t think that I could say anything other than that in good consciousness. Seriously, and it’s just such a good product. It’s not even a product, I mean you pay for it like it’s brought up, but what it is is it comprehensive array of services, there is nothing about it that is singular, everything about it is so diverse and Broad and valuable and interesting and it has such a far reach. It has so many different possible utilities for so many different people. Like, seriously, Amazon, at one time, was just a bookstore. So it is pretty amazing to imagine that something that was just an online bookstore could actually grow into this giant, cohesive company that does all these amazing and diverse projects and has all these different initiatives. I honestly think that Amazon is well on the way to becoming the biggest corporation in the world, bigger than Google and apple and all of those things, because Amazon actually offers what all of the other corporations offer. They are starting to sell basic things like appliances, they do Netflix style streaming, they do all sorts of shipping offer cloud storage online, there’s very little that they don’t do, and the things that they don’t do, one can almost safely assume that they will start doing them in the near future, and that is, in my opinion, what is so very interesting about all of this, is that this is a corporation that doesn’t seem to have a limit on how far they will go in their initiative to not only improved, but totally expanded redefine themselves. So they are going to start Distributing high-quality, high-level food as well, which means that they are basically diversifying into groceries, and rather than buying some like low quality chain, or the cheapest available, they literally purchase the highest quality grocery chain in the United States of America. I think that that is very brave, and it’s also just amazing that they are able to do this kind of thing. The fact that they have 14 billion dollars to spare.

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