Considering Outsourcing

When a good friend recently suggested that I do some IT outsourcing, I thought that my friend was being totally ludicrous and inconceivably silly and dull… In fact, it was me who was misinformed, not my friend. Much to my surprise, Outsourcing was actually something completely different than I thought it was, it was something I done before under a different name. Can you believe it? Listen, I consider myself to be pretty in the know about this kind of thing, but I really thought that Outsourcing head International connotations. It doesn’t. I was sure this thing was something that is done by people who were totally said on sending local money into foreign economies. Although that’s not entirely false, it’s not necessarily true either. That’s the interesting thing about my findings. I was surprised to learn that outsourcing is often done domestically. Is it not interesting that somebody who considers himself to be so in the know can sometimes be so completely wrong? So much Outsourcing happens within a community, every time that I’ve ever hired a contractor to do a certain element of what I am expected to deliver, it is been Outsourcing. I have spoken out about Outsourcing in state of naivety and ignorance. For that, I apologize. We live and we learn, and it is important to stay open to the new lessons that life reveals to us. Anyway, Outsourcing is probably the route I’m going to end up going down this time around, and I’m happy to participate in the Outsource Market. If you know any freelance software Engineers, or vendors that commonly offer their services to people looking for outsourcing opportunities, please encourage the contact to communicate with me, because I have a blank slate and I’m looking for suggestions in this regard. Looking for specialized software Engineers who do the type of work that I am so obviously engaged in.

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