Design a Cheerful Sun Room for Your Home


Does your porch need a facelift? Sun rooms provide the benefit of an outdoors atmosphere while sheltering you from the elements. They can be as plain or as elegant as you like, but what’s a sun room without any sun? These spaces in particular should be cheerful and sunny–if not weather-wise, at least in design. Create a cheerful sun room for your own home using the provided tips.
Wicker Furniture


White and wicker furniture are popular in sun rooms and enclosed porches. They are bright and cheerful, while lending a sort of outdoorsy feel. Choose either white or natural wicker furniture with brightly colored and patterned cushions. The wicker or light-colored pieces of furniture will keep an airy atmosphere in your porch.

Plants and Greenery

Live plants will help to bring the outdoors in; they also help to provide fresh, clean air inside this enclosed space. If you are unable to keep live plants in your sun room, for any reason, choose artificial ones instead. Even if they cannot actually provide a breath of fresh air, they will at least give the room a fresh look.

Light, Reflective Colors

White, beige and cream are great choices for a sun room. Are you the type who likes a lot of color? Light colors will help to reflect the natural light to give your sun room an airy, cheerful look. Choose a lighter color as your base and work your way from there. See the next section for ideas on how to incorporate color into this room.

Cheerful Accessories

Bring in the color with cheerful accessories. Yellow, blue and green are all pretty in a sun room. These accessories might consist of wall hangings, cushions, throw pillows and even vases of pretty flowers. Also, using accessories to define your color scheme can be a great thing when you decide it’s time for a change. Add  wooden dinnerware sets for a nice look!

Natural Lighting

A sun room should have plenty of natural lighting–it’s just a given fact. There are likely windows on multiple sides of the room to let in the light. Forget the window treatments in this room of the house. If your windows don’t let in as much light as you would like, utilize other tricks to help maximize it, such as mirrors, which will literally reflect the light and help expand the space.

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