Four Tips for Buying Camping Backpacks


If you plan to go camping, then you will need a backpack to carry essential items. There are a few things you need to consider before buying camping backpacks. Some of these things include type, size, and water. This article will give you a few tips for buying camping backpacks.


There are three types of camping backpacks (see my review on The PNW Waterproof Backpack) that you can use. They include external frame, internal frame, and rucksacks. External frame camping backpacks use aluminum tubing to distribute the weight. They are cooler to use because there is space between your body and the backpack. They are also easier to load.

Internal frame camping backpacks use flat bars to distribute the weight. They are more flexible than the external frame variety. These camping backpacks are also less likely to snag on tree branches or other objects. Rucksacks don’t have a frame, so you have to carry the weight on your shoulders. These camping backpacks are very small, so they are only useful to use when you’re camping for less than a day.


One of the next things to consider when buying camping backpacks is their size. Before buying a backpack, you need to determine how many items you will bring with you. Camping backpacks that can hold 6,000 cubic inches are ideal when you plan on camping for a week or so. If you’re staying less than two days, then you should consider buying a backpack that can only hold 4,000 cubic inches.

Hip Belt

You may also want to consider buying camping backpacks that come with a hip belt. Hip belts will help distribute some of the load onto your hips. This will take some of the stress off of your shoulders. You should look for camping backpacks that come with hip belts that are padded with foam so they are more stable and comfortable.


You will need to carry a water supply while you’re camping. Therefore, it’s useful to buy camping backpacks that have special compartments to keep your water bottle where you can access it easily. Some camping backpacks also have compartments that are large enough for you to store hydration systems inside.

These are a few tips for buying camping backpacks. Designs that have an external frame are cooler on your body and are usually easier to load. You should also consider buying camping backpack that come with a hip belt to take some of the weight off of your shoulders and put it on your hips.

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