Gone with office work


I love meeting people who are freelancer but I am inspired by them. I like how they can still spend a lot of time with their families and still have time for their passions. Anyway, I am plannning to be a freelancer in the next six months.  After I went to college, received my diploma and had a job in the corporate world, I realized being in an office setting is not what I really wanted in my life. I mean, I cannot really spend the rest of my day inside my cubicle.

My friends are advising me to really check everything before I go to my freelance business. I need to be prepared on everything. Emotionally, financially, and mentally. Well, I love challenges and I am up for it!

Right now, I am now fixes my home office. I will be setting up my own table and computer. I also need a strong wifi and ago need to have a wlan access point test so I can check everything before I start my own business as a freelancer.

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