Insta360 nano review – how to use it on your Iphone 5s and SE

It’s not un- common to find an Insta 360 nano review claiming how it is virtually impossible to use the device on Iphone 5S or SE. This potentially locks out all the goodness and fun that the Insta nano offers to all Iphone 5S and SE users. Lucky for you, you will now not have to worry about using the device on your Iphone 5S because it is possible to use this amazing gadget on your handset. How, you ask? Read on to find out.

The main way in which you can enable your Iphone 5S or SE is by the use of an adapter. The good thing about the adapter is that it’s very cheap, and very easy to install. In fact, it only takes less than five minutes to compete the mounting.

Why it’s so difficult to use it on Iphone 5S and SE

First of all, the Insta360 nano is a unique 360 degree camera that is designed sorely for Iphone 6 and 7. It boasts features like live streaming and crisp clear pictures. The main reason as to why the gadget is not compatible with the other types of Iphones is because the Insta 360 nano is made in a curved shape. It is specifically made like this for one reason; to bea able to fit comfortably into Iphone 6 and 7 handsets which are curved in nature. Since Iphone 5 and SE variants are completely flat, it is extremely difficult for the device to fit into them, meaning the device cannot be used with these types of Iphones.

The best solution

Not to worry, because a solution is at hand. By acquiring a lightning port adapter, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of an Insta 360 nano. After acquiring the adapter, you will have to shave off the edges a bit for the camera to fit comfortably. The best way to shave off the edges is by using a simple nail file which usually does a very clean job.

What to expect after mounting

After mounting the camera on the adapter, don’t be surprised if your Iphone 5S gives you a message that says the accessory will not work on your phone. This is because it will eventually work after a few minutes. It will even work efficiently with an Iphone 6 which has a cover. It has also been proven that the adapter will work on Iphone 5 for photos only. Video feeds tend to get interrupted from time to time.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of an Insta 360 nano on your Iphonr 5. Care should be taken when using the adapter because the long term effects of its use have not been proven. I hope this Insta 360 nano review was helpful in your quest to find out if the device is compatible with your Iphone 5. How about you? What can you say about your 360 camera? Let me know!

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