Of camera and photographs

We’re getting to a time that merit will begin to show above money. And I think that is an extremely special thing, and it is also extremely rare based on the film and photography Industries and their personal histories. These are pretty young Industries, with film being very much born in the 20th century, and photography having its greatest advancements in that Century as well. Now, digital photography has evolved all the way to where it is now, which is also hard to believe, but makes so much sense. When people used to look into the future, they imagined similar devices to the kinds that we have in our society right now. That’s undeniably true. However, I don’t know if everybody imagined that everybody would have these devices, and that they would be available to every class of society, in one way or another, for the most part. It is pretty amazing. And I think that photography is the perfect medium to capture this time, as ironic as it might seem. What can be said with words can be said even louder with images, and with good photography. Great photography does not require the best camera. Decent camera, paired with a great filter or app for editing, is just as good as the best camera on the market for some people. I dunno some professional photographers who, sometimes, choose to use their cell phone rather than their DSLR as their choice tool for being a practicioner of Photography.

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