Your Products:

I am always open to product reviews and giveaways that are relevant to my blog. I am a new mom to a baby girl. I have two soon-to be stepsons and a fiance who works his tail off. (So do I!) This means I will review and/or giveaway products having to do with children, families, household, etc. (If this isn’t clear yet, I am not interested in hawking anal lube or sailboats. Okay, maybe the lube..)

Please keep in mind that I will always provide my honest opinion about your product, whether or not I host a giveaway or am allowed to keep the product after use/testing. If I don’t like it, I will post about it, and give an honest review as to why.

As I am also a crafter, I can discuss that too. email me by clicking here.

If you spam me, I will totally humiliate you on my blog 🙂 Serious Inquiries only.

I use RaffleCopter for all giveaways. I generally require those who enter to view your website and facebook at the very least, however required entries are entirely up to you.

I prefer that product reviews include a product to give away, however this is not required.

Your Blog or Website

I feature my favorite bloggers and websites for free, because they are awesome. However if you are interested in buying space on my sidebar, I do offer the option to sponsor my blog. Sponsor links appear on the top of my sidebar directly beneath the search bar and above my personal links. Sponsorship gets your blog visible to my readers and goes towards renewal of my domain, and supporting this website in the future.

125 x 125
$10 for 1 month
$25 for 3 months

250 x 125
$20 for 1 month
$50 for 3 months

250 x 250:
$30 for 1 month
$75 for 3 months

For further options, please contact me directly via email.