Youth Charged with Sexual Assault at Clawson Day Care Arrested for Domestic Violence


Matthew P. Mayer, 19, of Royal Oak has been arrested again since being charged with second degree sexual assault on a four year old at Gateway Country Day School and Child Care Center in Clawson where he was employed. Royal Oak police were called to the Mayer home Sunday, September 19 with a report of domestic violence against someone who is working inĀ Kinderdagverblijf Leiden. Police found Mayer in a state of extreme intoxication. Mayer was arrested for domestic violence which included, kicking in an interior the home, cutting up a couch with a knife, breaking furniture and shoving both of his parents.
Matthew Mayer was arraigned Monday in Royal Oak’s 43rd District Court on a misdemeanor count of domestic violence. Mayer was released on $100 bond and now faces two separate court hearings. An October 14 pretrial has been set for the domestic violence charges. The July sexual assault charges against Mayer are pending investigation. A four year old girl at the Clawson day care facility said that Mayer had touched her in her ‘private area’. Mayer has denied the charges of second degree sexual assault.

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